Finding a Hookah For Sale

If you're looking to buy a hookah online you have lots of options. Unfortunately there are no hookah sites located in Canada that also sell shisha tobacco. The few sites that are located in Canada only sell herbal shisha not the real shisha tobacco you've smoked and loved. Herbal shisha simply isn't the same but it's a viable alternative.

So if you want real shisha tobacco you have to order from a site that ships from the US. There are many sites that will ship to Canada so how do you choose? My recommendation is to choose a site that has real customer feedback, good product selection, low prices and the experience shipping to Canada to help you avoid issues.

Sites With Hookahs for Sale

There are many hookah sites online where you can find hookahs for sale, so how do you distinguish the good from the bad? First I would search Google for reviews of the site; keeping in mind that every company makes mistakes but it's how they fix their mistakes that matters. So always read to the end of every review for full accuracy.

It's also my opinion that if they've been in business for a lot of years then they're obviously doing something right. I've been smoking hookah for well over 7 years and in all those years I've seen a ton of hookah sites come and go. So personally I like going with a site that's been around a while. I figure there's gotta be a reason.

When choosing an online hookah site to shop at be sure to choose a site that sells all of the hookah accessories and supplies that you will need when you run out such as hookah charcoal and most importantly a good selection of shisha tobacco.

Choosing Shisha Tobacco Flavors

There is actually a large variety of shisha tobacco brands to choose from each offering dozens of flavors from "Double Apple" to a "Sex On The Beach" flavor. Brands such as Hookah Freak, Ayam Zaman, Joe Budden, Al Fakher, Starbuzz, Nahkla, etc.

Then there is also HookaH-HookaH shisha tobacco, which is a very popular brand, namely because of how it offers such a wide variety of flavors and because of it's high quality. The products are definitely moister than a lot of other options, and there are some very distinctive and delicious flavors and sizes available for you to choose from.

Just remember to take your time, do your research and find a reputable, established site that you can trust that has lots of experience shipping to Canada and offers everything you're looking for at a good price and you'll be all set.