Shisha Tobacco Info

Shisha tobacco is the tobacco that is used to smoke in hookahs, which are ritualistic smoking devices that originated in India. There are many different flavors and sizes of shisha tobacco products to choose from, and it all really depends on your own personal preference as to which one you should go with. If you have never tried shisha tobacco before, then it is ideal you stick to a simpler flavor, such as apple or peach.

The Hookah

Before you can really understand about shisha tobacco, you need to learn about the hookah itself and how it works. The hookah is a type of smoking device which uses a small charcoal tablet to gently heat a special flavor-infused tobacco blend, namely shisha tobacco.

Hookahs are typically multi-stemmed and glass-based, although this can vary greatly, depending on where you look and what you are looking for. They operate using water filtration and indirect heat, and you can smoke a variety of different substances in these hookahs. Herbal fruits and tobacco are the most commonly used here, but you can choose from an array of other substances as well.

Shisha Tobacco

Shisha tobacco is available in a variety of flavors and types, and you can even have your tobacco custom made if you want, in order to perfectly suit your own personal flavor preferences.

You can generally find at least a remotely decent selection of these tobacco products at any local hookah manufacturer or retail store, but remember that prices can fluctuate quite dramatically from store to store so you really want to take a bit of time here to find the best quality and value for your money.

Things to Remember

Remember that shisha tobacco is not your typical or basic tobacco, and smoking this type of tobacco is truly an entirely different experience and sensation. It is smoked for flavor and not for any other purpose, and works by providing a very relaxing and soothing effect on the smoker.

The act of smoking this tobacco can last for hours, and makes for a very social and peaceful occasion that you can spend with family and friends. There are very few people that have a problem with hookahs, although they do tend to get a bad rap from people who do not understand how what they are and how they actually work.

A lot of people confuse shisha tobacco with regular tobacco, but it is nothing similar to any of this. Hookah smoking is a ritualistic and spiritual act, one that is loved by many around the world.